The Scarred of Amara

Return Home

5 years lost in the hut

The group emerged from the hut with a new friend, the daughter of the witch. 5 years had passed and Darkain tried to kill the familiars that were waiting for us. His essence was trapped in a hell like plane while we destroyed the witch.

Our magic items had been made mundane. With no magic weapons, armor, or items, the group found itself in the cold and unsure of where they were in the world. After dispatching of some dire wolves, the group made camp and turned the hides into winter linings. The group found where they were. The shocking discovery was the leveling of the summit of Mount Siraga, the highest peak.

The group has rested and tried to learn what they can from the witches daughter. She has amnesia but can still cast a magic missile. The group must move on and try to return to Windshear to see what has passed in the last 5 years.



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