Xander Lightfoot

Halfling Thief


A halfling from the Goldlake continent thrown into the scarred by chance and became a savior for them all. Xander was abducted by pirates and taken across the sea only to be washed up in a shipwreck on the shores of what would become Galjornen. Xander was confused by the new continent which he landed. Halflings were not present on this continent but were so numerous in the Goldlake region.

After making safety at a monastery, a group of adventurers arrived, the scarred. Balien, Gremax, and Jodidel arrived with a shipment of weapons and supplies. Xander joined the group and traveled to find the source of the darkness spreading across the sky. Xander was chosen by Amara to bear a silver scar on his left wrist, bringing him into the group.

Xander Lightfoot

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