Desert of the Wind

Winds of change

Ever since the fall of the Third Kamie of the Desert of the Wind, a struggle in power has been raging for a generation. The Elves defend the nation of Solarin along the western coast. The Dragonborn and Tiefling nation in the North, the Cult of Ozomyn, continually expand their territory. Bhuka nation in the northeast of the Desert defend their culture as old as the Desert as itself. The southern expanse of the Desert is consumed by the Thri-kreen hive. Newly established humanoid settlements at Escape Pass in the southeast struggle to survive the harsh environment. The center of the land is ruled by the Scorpionfolk, the deadliest denizens of the Desert. The Queen of the Scorpions, consumed by her greed, is ravaging the Desert to find its hidden wealth and expand her rule.



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